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WIFA Champion Reinforced

WIFA Champion Reinforced Adult
Quality Leather Upper and Sole
Wooden Heel
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    Soft padded, PU-coated leather upper, functional flex notch, lightweight, breathable microfibre lining and reinforcement, orthopedic shaped insole with steel joint, leather sole with wooden heel!  This model is for skaters training for international competitions as well as for dancers. The ankle area and the tongue are additionally reinforced, very strong hooks are used for all upgrade models. Heat molding at a high temperature is recommended to achieve a "second skin" effect.

    Recommended for:
    International competitions (10h+/week), freestyle & dance
    Maximal skating level:
    Triple jumps

    Sizes: EU 3-12
    Colors: white, black, beige
    Widths (EU 3-8,5): M,L,LL,C,CC
    Widths (EU 9-12): C,CC
    Packed with 100% recycled material, unbleached.

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