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Tempish Marilla Skate Helmet

Get a great level of protection for your head, that is versatile in use
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The revolutionary design, shape and construction of the TEMPISH MARILLA helmet is to be used for head protection in various sports. It is primarily intended for inline skating, skateboards, longboards and mini-skis, but is also suitable for cycling, etc. This helmet is sold in five sizes XS, S, M, L, XL. Compared to classic cycling helmets, the outer shell is thicker, harder and more durable - This significantly increases the protection of the user's head. The helmet consists of three layers. 1. Extremely rigid shell 2. Strong cushioning layer made from EPS, which is most involved in shock absorption and absorption of kinetic energy 3. inner soft replacable foam- this can be simply removed and washed in warm (not hot)water and then reinserted. TEMPISH MARILLA helmet provides great head protection. The helmet is well ventilated through the openings in the outer shell, the inner cushioning layer of EPS and also in the foam. It is equipped with adjustable strap with tightening wheel for better attachment on head and a classic strap under the chin with adjustable length.

Color: black and white

XS: 48-50cm

S: 51-53cm

M: 54-56cm

L: 56-58cm

XL: 59-60cm

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