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Graf Prestige Crystal Set - Ladies

Anbefales til voksne, som springer enkeltspring
En god støvle, som vil være et godt valg som afløser til lejeskøjter
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Base model for figure skating with upper made of genuine leather and high quality microfiber lining. Additional reinforcements for better support of the ankle.

  • Extra high upper construction for better support made of genuine leather
  • Water-repellent Microfiber Inner Lining
  • Flex Notch
  • Soft Collar Backstay
  • Mesh-Tongue with leather covering
  • GRAF UltraLight Outsole
  • Heat-Moldable
GRAF Prestige is the right companion to transition from leisure skating to sportive figure skating. The skate has a higher upper top end than other GRAF models to provide extra support for jumps or intricate step combinations. The cut of the upper of the Prestige makes it the right choice for wider feet or male feet too. The upper is made of a special leather developed for figure skating. Thanks to the Flex Notch, the boot fits better around the ankle and range of motion is increased. The thick and soft padding interior of a GRAF Prestige is covered with a water-repellent microfiber inner lining. We cover the tongue made of light mesh material and microfiber with a leather layer that distributes the pressure of the laces evenly over the foot. Even though this skate model is already very light, we use a GRAF UltraLight outsole that further reduces weight. These boots come with GRAF Lausanne Figure Skating Blades attached by hand. GRAF Lausanne Chromium-plated blades are well suited for figure skating because of their pronounced toe rakes and edge profile. They are aligned by an expert and attached by hand with screws.

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