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Eclipse Quantum

Lightweight alumiunum chassis with stainless steel blade
Comparable to Aurora, Mist, and John Wilson Coronation Ace
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  • Length
    Move faster, jump higher and stay on the ice longer with the Quantum Blade from Eclipse Blades. Precisely engineered to the highest standards, the Quantum Blade is made from a harder 6005 T/5 Aluminum and features a permanently affixed, stronger, rust-resistant 440 C Stainless Steel runner that holds an edge longer. Its 7 foot radius allows for graceful, versatile freestyle movement and a cross-cut rake provides exceptional stability. It’s also the first aluminum blade that doesn’t need a specialty jig for sharpening, so you can get a consistent, long-lasting sharpening without hassle.  Comparable to the Coronation Ace.
    • Skill Level: Single and double jumps
    • Toe Pick Profile: Cross Cut
    • Radius: 7’
    • Suggested R.O.H.: 5/8“
    • Sizes: 8”-11”
    • Style: Parallel

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